The Onyx executive team has over two centuries of experience and expertise in structuring and executing disposition strategies, capital investments, reorganizations, industrial auctions and valuation projects across the globe. Our interdisciplinary expertise spans a broad spectrum of asset classes including; inventory, machinery and equipment, intellectual property, receivables and real estate. With a network of industry specific specialists Onyx is able to assist our clients in knowing the true value of their assets and executing deliberate, efficient and timely solutions by developing complex and multi-faceted strategies.

Our focus is on serving our clients’ individual needs by offering the power and resources of a large firm, but with a personal touch of a boutique.


In addition to working on a commission / fee for services structure, Onyx  has the ability to deploy significant capital for a single transaction, prefund disposition activities, or an outright multi-asset purchase across a broad range of asset classes, including; inventory, machinery and equipment, intellectual properties, receivables and real estate. This ability allows us to work flexibly with our clients as both a strategic and financial partner while providing immediate liquidity.

-Negotiated Orderly Sale-

Whether on a stand-alone basis or as a component of a multi-faceted disposition strategy, a properly executed negotiated orderly sale / private treaty can be a highly effective and strategic approach. It allows for direct marketing to end-users who are often willing to pay a premium, while simultaneously allowing the client to manage their levels of exposure. The process can also be utilized as an effective auction precursor and barometer that builds momentum towards a positive outcome. Onyx’s leadership team has been involved in hundreds of dispositions and understands the intricacies involved and how to achieve maximum results.


Whether on-site, web-based, global or regional, the ultimate success of any auction relies on matching the right assets with the right group of prospective buyers and creating a competitive environment where they are motivated to buy. Onyx’s executive team is recognized throughout the industry for their diversified experience and understanding of diverse asset compositions. Our active and extensive relationship driven networks and reputation for creative marketing and advertising, make Onyx both an effective and welcome partner to any auction scenario.

-Asset Remarketing-

With a network of industry specific specialists Onyx is positioned to assist our clients with their asset re-marketing and / or end of lease management needs. By understanding not just the market place, but the nature of the business itself, our specialists have a track record of spotting opportunities others may miss and coming up with innovative strategies that provide the best opportunity for optimal results.


Whether involving a single asset class, a global supply chain inventory or an array of international manufacturing facilities, our goal in every transaction is to maximize value and meet our client’s diverse needs. We utilize customized disposition strategies and multi-channel formats ranging from immediate liquidity through outright asset purchase, private treaty / negotiated orderly sales, supply chain redirection, on-site and web-based public auctions, to monetization through discrete channels thereby protecting our client’s intellectual properties and existing channels.


Our executive team includes the founder and longtime President of one of the country’s leading technology valuation / disposition firm, the Chief Technology Officer of the Global Electronics Services Group for GE Capital, who for nine years managed a billion dollar-plus global electronics equipment portfolio, as well as a former Chair of the International Board of Examiners of the American Society of Appraisers. The Onyx team has performed thousands of appraisals and reviewed and advised on countless more.