Hal White



Mr. White is a 40 year plus veteran of the semiconductor and electronic components business as a buyer, seller and trader. In 2018, Mr. White retired from running the day to day operations Magnitude Electronics, the company he Co-founded in 1995.  Mr. White remains actively engaged as a consultant performing inventory appraisals and advising on matters related to the electronic component and semiconductor industry


Magnitude Electronics, LLC

Owner / President (Jan 1995 – Dec 2018)

Mr. White was responsible for overseeing daily operations, developing business objectives and strategies, and key vendor relations. As globalization emerged as an industry trend, in turn the company expanded greatly in Europe and Asia. Many Fortune 500 companies would be included amongst the customer list.

During his tenure at Magnitude Electronics many billions of electronic components were bought and sold, then shipped to customers worldwide. The company’s focus was semiconductors, however a significant amount of sales included connectors, LED’s, relays, computer peripherals, and even finished goods.

Oracle Electronics & Trading Co., Inc.

Co-Founder / President (Apr 1980 – Dec 1994)

The company launched a few years prior to a huge industry growth spurt, fueled in large part by the boom in the nascent personal computer industry and related products. Oracle Electronics’ location in Silicon Valley was a significant competitive advantage, allowing for transactions locally.  Again, the primary business activity was the purchase and sale of semiconductors, along with most other types of electronic components.


Affiliations & Certifications

Supply Chain Management Group


University of California, Santa Cruz – Bachelor of Arts, English

Foothill College,  Associate of Arts, Psychology