Onyx Asset Advisors, LLC is a venture formed by senior executives in the asset advisory, monetization and valuation industry. Our executive team has over a century of experience and expertise structuring, overseeing and executing; disposition strategies, restructuring, mergers and acquisitions, industrial auctions and valuation projects across the globe.

With a network of industry specific specialists, Onyx is solution focused and able to assist our clients with straight forward, efficient and timely solutions or by developing complex and multi-faceted disposition strategies. Whether involving a single asset class, a global supply chain inventory or an array of international manufacturing facilities, our goal in every transaction is to maximize value and meet our client’s diverse needs.

To achieve this, we utilize customized disposition strategies and formats ranging from an immediate liquidity through outright capital purchase, private treaty / orderly negotiated sale, supply chain redirection, on-site and web-based public auctions, to monetization through discrete channels thereby protecting our client’s intellectual properties, existing channels.

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